Where do you start? – for the coarse, carp, specimen or fly angler this area is a Mecca for Brothers of the Angle!!!

The Water Park offers a multitude of day ticket opportunities; Carp & Tench on Bradley’s or Little Horseshoe or Browns and Rainbows from Wildmoor Fisheries. To this add the Upper Avon and Thames for some great roach, barbel & chub fishing plus the River Chet for wild trout - there truly is something for all. Our hotel offers the perfect base for fishermen (and women) wanting to fish in the Cotswolds.

Take a look at the nearby rivers, lakes and brooks:

Braydon Brook (2.4 miles) 
Is a beautiful spot not far from the hotel, if you are looking to fish somewhere with Cotswold charm them this is where we recommend. The fish won't be quite as large as those you can catch in the Avon or Coln but if size doesn't matter then it is well worth a visit especially if you are fishing with the family. 

River Avon (4 miles) 
The River Avon is notoriously difficult to fish when clear but the Malmesbury area offers a rare chance to catch the 2lb plus roach from shoals of similar size fish. Other fish commonly in this spot are Perch and Carp. 

Cotswold Water Park (5 miles)
The Water Park has over 150 lakes, so there are many options for any keen angler. The Park is a place of immense beauty houses all kinds of natural wildlife.   

River Churn (9.4 miles) 
If you are a keen Trout fisher then the Churn is for you. Large high quaiity trout are common here as well as Greyling and shoals of smaller fish. 

River Coln (17 miles)
Brown trout and other freshwater species are found here. The Churn is set against breath taking countryside and is well worth the drive for the avid angler. 

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